Bookish facts about me!

I’m probably not going to have time to do an ‘ideas and themes’ post tonight due to school work but I want to make sure that my blog is more than just the 30 day book challenge! Therefore I thought I’d do a quick post about my bookish and blogging preferences…

1) When I include a picture of a book, I always try to make sure that it’s the same cover as I’ve got- I think this adds a personal touch!

2) My favourite place to read is either lying on my bed on my stomach or, in the winter, sitting on my bedroom floor  with my back against the radiator.

3) My bookshelf is much too small for me and so I regularly donate my old books to the charity shop.

4) My nan bought me my first Harry Potter book for Christmas in 2002.

5) I love the smell of books!

6) I find bookshops incredibly calming places and feel instantly relaxed when I enter.

7) I’d much rather by a book than new clothes!

8) I rarely manage to get a series of books with the same covers, or all in hardback/paperback.

9) I own a copy of ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’ in French

10) The Gothic is fast becoming my favourite genre.

Well, that’s all from me but please leave a comment sharing YOUR bookish facts!