30 day book challenge- day three; a book that makes you laugh out loud


Life & Laughing by Michael McIntyre

Michael McIntyre is my favourite comedian, known for his observational humour. He’s absolutely hilarious and I picked up his book in WHSmith around November time, and promptly added it to my Christmas list. Sure enough, on Christmas day it found its way into my stocking, and oh boy it’s a funny book. It had me from page one, when McIntyre describes his earliest memory- narrowly escaping being made to pull his pants down in front of the teacher at school. It really is hilarious and it certainly made me laugh! I’m not an avid reader of autobiographies but this one is an exception. Plus, it was great learning some more about his life (and laughter).

Which book makes YOU laugh out loud? Let me know in a comment!

“I frantically scanned the room for the crapping culprit. I ruled out the teacher, although I had my doubts about the elderly woman on the piano.”